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Are you looking for a way to manage your remote working human resources? A way for all team members and clients to keep abreast of the progress in project and tasks completion? Enter, where working from home magic happens.

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Work2Gether Online
Work2Gether Online

Project Management & Communication System

For organizations with a wide reach, or those that encourage employees to work from home, Work2Gether Online provides an ideal platform for sharing resources and information between departments. Task boards and calendars make it easier for those working on tasks to remain on schedule and meet deadlines. Employees can rely on this platform to provide input among each other.

You can divide a large project into smaller tasks and assign them to various employees to work on them remotely. Work2Gether Online allows everyone involved in the implementation of the project to track its progress. Every employee can complete their task independently and post the progress on the company account thereby allowing others to track the progress and the project supervisor to assemble the various parts.

About Work2Gether Online

Work2Gether Online is a collaboration platform that allows business owners, managers, employees, and customers to collaborate on projects by creating documents, communicating, and posting project and task completion statuses.

Work2Gether Online hosts three main types of collaboration platforms: (i) A company platform with all the tools that business owners and companies need to manage and run their businesses. (ii) An employees’ platform where employees can create individual accounts and post their tasks. They can also view communications from the company. (iii) a customer’s platform where customers can respond to invoices and track progress on their projects.

Work2Gether is, however, not limited to collaboration. It applicability is beyond collaboration. Its other features are explained below

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Human Resource Management System

Work2Gether Online has a variety of human resource management tools including employee list, departments, designations, attendance, and leaves processing. The human resource department can use these tools to manage employees remotely, update HR policies, convey information, and make announcements.

Customizable Features

Work2Gether Online allows companies to customize their accounts by customizing company information, theme colors, time zones, currencies, lead generation settings, and roles and permissions among other settings. Nearly every aspect of Work2Gether Online can be customized to meet the needs of the user.


Frequently asked questions can be compiled to produce a knowledge base that can assist new employees or customers. Such a knowledge base can help in resolving common problems thereby freeing the staff to focus on other more productive things.


The reports section on Work2Gether Online hosts various forms of reports including; task reports, time log reports, finance reports, income vs. expense reports, leave reports, and attendance reports.

Work2Gether Online Tasks
Online Discussions

Work2Gether Online allows messaging and the centralization of information, which makes access and user input easy. All parties in a project can share ideas freely. This fosters teamwork and empowers employees. The internal messaging system can allow management to keep an eye on online relationships and communications to identify how decision making occurs. This can make it easier for the managers to identify teams that form naturally or spontaneously and assign targeted tasks and projects to them.

Finance Management

Work2Gether Online has a variety of finance tools that allow the management of staff payments, customer invoices, credit notes, expenses, and estimates/quotations. Invoices generates by a company are automatically sent to the customer who can view and respond to them on their platform.

Notice Board

Employees can get updated with the latest news from the company by just visiting the notice board.

Customer Management

Work2Gether Online allows organizations to manage their existing clients and generate new leads. A mailing functionality makes it easy to follow up on leads with automatic emails.

Our pricing plans

Work2Gether Online's package pricing provides the best value for any collaboration tool anywhere!


$0 / mo

  1. 10 users included

  2. 500 mb of storage

  3. Email support

  4. Help center access
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$50 / mo

  1. 20 users included

  2. 5 GB of storage

  3. Priority email support

  4. Help center access
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$99 / mo

  1. 50 users included

  2. 15 GB of storage

  3. Phone and email support

  4. Help center access
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...and even more

Work2Gether Online prevents the scattering of information and files across different tools, such as emails, websites, and file systems. All communications, collaborations, file sharing, human resource, project, and customer management can be done on the Work2Gether Online platform.

Cross-browser compatibility

Frequent updates

24/7 Customer Chat Support

Wide code compatibility

Multi-users Support

Technical support

Responsive Design

No Coding Skills Required